01 January 2012


This is a SUPER wordy post, just fair warning. I have this strange quirk wherein I don't like taking pictures. Hopefully with my goal of writing more, I'll end up taking more pictures too.

Nothing really exciting happened. I was still at the reservation center and Adam was still on his internship. We dreamed of bigger and better and slowly made decisions concerning our wedding.

We became parents to our very own AristoKitties. Two brothers. The Stately One and the Dog-Cat. Technically called Berlioz and Toulouse. We learned to adapt to feeding two more mouthes who cried so piteously when we don't feed them on time.

Adam and I tried to go on a mini-vacation to get away. It wasn't meant as a break away from my work to save me from a mini-mental breakdown, but it sure helped. I was starting to realized that I wasn't happy where I was and it was time to move on. However the whole idea got put on a major hold when I received a text from my dad the day our vacation started - my mom had a heart attack. A major one. We were all so thankful that she was at work at the hospital surrounded by people who could help instantly and who cared for her just as much as we did. My sister and I arranged it that she would take her Spring Break plus an extra week to go home from college and help out. And then I would go home for a while as well. There was lots of praying and thoughts of disbelief.

I went to Utah for three weeks to take care of my mom. She was doing so much better that it didn't seem as though she needed me. I was her personal chauffeur and did everything I could to make things easy on her. When I got home to Orlando, Adam got some fab news that he was offered a salaried position and could leave his internship early. It was job security and real money- and it meant we could finally get an apartment of our own.

We moved into our new apartment. The boys loved having more room to run about. We got in plenty of trips to IKEA to furnish our home. It's still a work in progress even now, but it's ours. We celebrated my birthday with dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse. yum. Adam started his new job.

Adam's birthday! We spent the day at Disney's Hollywood Studios where we had brunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe, and then dinner at La Hacienda at Epcot. We had an absolutely wonderful time, and I renewed my search for a new job. I also got ridiculous addicted to the iPhone game Tiny Tower.

We celebrated 1 year together. I got bookshelves as an anniversary gift! I also got word that I was accepted into a new role, still at the reservation center but something new.

I started my new role within the reservation center, just as a temporary basis for now. The change was definitely what I needed.

Not even a month later, I got word that my temporary role was becoming a permanent one, with a second temporary role within the same department starting in just a few weeks.

We were horrible people and pretended we weren't home for Halloween so that we could eat all the candy on our own. We'll be better next year.

The GCWOK who introduced us had their commitment ceremony (aka wedding) at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at the Wedding Pavillion. I ate a lot of fab food and then drank a lot when we Drank around the World at Epcot the next day. Brilliant me planned a doctor's visit a few days after the wedding so the doctor was concerned because I had gained 10 pounds. He also started me on Lipitor. That decision shocked me so much that I decided to blog+write again. I still have yet to post about my medical issues. I feel so confused about them.

Adam's mom came down for Thanksgiving and I cooked the whole meal for the first time! Last year was just preheating the Publix meal. We were also able to get our Black Friday deals on Thursday morning online while still in our PJs. Adam was finally able to get a PS3 and I've been starting to enjoy Blu-Ray movies over standard DVDs. I began listening to the Doctor Who Big Finish audios again. I've a lot of catching up to do.

We also met with the Sales Manager for Disney Fairytale Weddings to get the ball rolling and to start getting things settled for our wedding. April 24, 2013

I finally started to post something again. I revamped the blog and gave it a new name, going from .thunder.bolts.crash. to lemonlaiime. My aim is still most likely going to be a personal/lifestyle blog. I'm going to work on keeping my work life separate, just to save me embarrassment if it comes to it.

I ran a 5k for the first time ever! I did it in 45 minutes with barely any training under my belt and after I had been sick. I'm planning By some miraculous means, I had enough vacation time to make it back to Utah for the holidays for the first time in three years. We came home to celebrate Adam's mom's birthday and to have our own mini Christmas. I now have a sewing machine! I think 2012 is going to be a very crafty year :)

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