18 June 2012

Stop! Blogging Time!

I like this blog.

Shocking I know. I never call. I never write. But I like this blog. lemonlaiime

It's secretly me ya know. laii is the long sustaining nickname. Lemons are the current super crazy obsession. If I could eat just lemons I would. And limes! Basically anything citrus. Yum citrus~ except grapefruit... Silly Lipitor. I miss grapefruit. :(

I want to be more consistent with this blog. I want to write. I used to be a big writer (and by big I mean I wanted to write, but I could never be bothered enough). Well guess what- now I can be bothered.

Life is becoming 4 easy to contain buckets: work, running, wedding, and tv. I'm a whole person! I'm more than a bucket or four.

So let's write! Who knows where this will end up :D