27 December 2011

Safe and Sound

I may have already listened to this 30+ times. Most of that was on the 5 hour flight from Orlando to SLC.

26 December 2011

whirlwind christmas

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope Santa delivered everything you asked for. He got everything but one here in Utah- he forgot the snow!

Adam's been saying that he's never ever had a white Christmas. Like ever. And since he's a born and raised Floridian, it does make sense. I promised him snow since we ALWAYS have snow for Christmas here, but I guess that shows me to make snowy promises when it's looking to be the driest month in terms of snowfall since 1962.

We still had a blast here, albeit very chilly. Lots of hanging out with cousins and eating til bursting. And sleeping 14 hours from a headache if you're me.

Now we're just waiting to board and we'll be back in the Sunshine State before you know it. I hope my boys are okay...

17 December 2011

weekend happenings

the almost-hubs is busy gaming on the PS3, so what does that mean i do?
listen to christmas music! and attempt to blog some more :)

today has been a lazy day for us. mostly because we were up this am doing the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis here in Orlando. i have never run a 5k before. and technically i still haven't since i did a combo of running and walking. BUT I FINISHED in 45 min.

i am super proud of myself. I have some pretty worrying issues with my health and i've been trying to be healthy and get in shape and this is one thing that i've always wanted to do. i work out with the runhelper Ease into 5k app (previous Couch to 5k) but i usually slack off around week 3 or 4 because i get sick or i just don't run. BUT I FINISHED! :)

this tree? all ice

the race was early this morning. i was surprised we made it because we were out late with some of almost-hubs' work friends at ICE at Gaylord Palms. they do this massive ice sculpture display of Shrek the Halls and they have ice slides there too! almost-hubs is a native floridian, so it was good practice for him to prep for the Utah weather we'll be enjoying next week. i (being the one from utah) didn't think it was that cold, but i did wish i had a scarf or a thicker shirt. i've been sick, ya know! it was a lot of fun and i really want to make it a new winter tradition. especially since it's been 75+ degrees here lately. I'm ready for my WHITE CHRISTMAS!

they supply you with parkas!
i love pie

ps: 6 sleeps to Utah. get excited!

13 December 2011

trying again

I'm a bad blogger. I get the case of the lazys, and man is it bad. I say that I'm going to write and write and use this opportunity to connect not only with my family, but others in the world out there. And I don't. I say that I'm going to get into shape and take care of myself, but then, lo and behold, i get lazy.

Today, the almost-hubs and i are sick. it started with a little scratchy throat that bled into a slightly warm feeling. it's now exploded into sinus pressure, congestion, upset stomachs and multiple decisions between having to lie down or run to the bathroom. i thought that i was fine after my double shot of NyQuil yesterday. i thought wrong. i had to leave work after just a scant 3 hours.

so today has been enjoyed with despicable me, legend of zelda: skyward sword, big finish audios and now blogging. because why not! i am a fun, unique person, right?

so i know that yall have put up with a lot of changes. it's been .laii.loves. to .thunder.bolts.crash. to finally (i hope) lemonlaiime (does this mean i'm over periods for spaces? i sure hope so) i hope yall stick with me as i try again. things should be interesting for the next 17 months!

love you all