15 April 2012


There's a lot going on in my life right now. It's like I can feel a warning signal going off and counting down until my head explodes. So instead of dealing with it like an adult, I'm coping by withdrawing and distracting myself.

This weekend I've caught up on the DVR filled with two weeks worth of TV shows, gotten addicted to and powered my way through Revenge, and I plan on powering through The Borgias as well. Addiction thy name is television. And in case I need more distraction, there's always Netflix, DragonAge and my Kindle loaded up with books. Oh and don't forget my massive list of Big Finish Audios that require listening.

Keep thoughts of us in mind, if you're so inclined. I appreciate it.

11 April 2012

moving forward

Lordy - it's been almost a month! again...
Y'all who can blog weekly or even daily astound me!

LIfe for this gal is pretty straight forward. I work, I eat, I try to lose weight, I wedding plan, I sleep, and I rinse, lather and repeat.

We got to go up to the panhandle of Florida this past weekend for my cousin's salt ceremony. Good food, good people, and gorgeous location. They're getting sealed in the Salt Lake Temple tomorrow :D Best of luck, Scott and Megan!

Not only was it a blast with my cousins, but my momma also made it down to come visit. She was here Thursday to Tuesday. So not only did we get to enjoy the Panhandle together, we also went out and bought my wedding dress!! It'll arrive in July and then I can start picking out veils and shoes and everything else.

Tonight's now all about catching up from a whirlwind weekend with my momma. That might mean 14 hour long episodes from the past two weeks and as much reading of A Clash of Kings as I possibly can.

Have a good Wednesday night, y'all!