16 March 2012

back again

I'm back (maybe???) If you read the previous incarnations of this blog, this should be no surprise to you. I got bored with blogging. It happens. But then, as always, the urge to write something -anything- started to bug me again. I thought maybe if I get a journal and write everything down in there, it would quell the urge. It does, but I'm a girl well seeped in technology. If I can't do it from my phone, it's very hard for me to be bothered at all.

Things are routine as always. I work my forty hours, hit the gym, find time to socialize with friends and hang out with Adam. Work is the same. I was asked where I saw my career going, and realized I don't have any ambition to go elsewhere. I'm happy doing what I do now. I'm focusing on moving up where I'm at and doing good work while I'm at it. Things are good work-wise. Who am I to ruing something that works well?

 I've been really good about working out lately. I'm down 1.7 pounds last time I checked! I'm well on my way to getting my $100 reward from work for having a healthy BMI. Adam and I ran the Disney Royal Family Tangled 5K back at the end of February for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. 3.1 miles in 40 minutes! That's better than my last 5K in December by 5 minutes. Not a whole lot of improvement, but it's better than nothing!

We're running the Expedition Everest Challenge on May 5 and I hope to run the Tower of Terror 10-Miler and possibly the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. It's weird to think that back in high school I refused to run, blaming my knees and the odd way that my bones grew in. But I've enjoyed running. Now I just need to get past getting bored. Usually I space out listening to my Doctor Who audios, but that's not really a safe thing to do.

Pretty good on my Resolutions so far, right? (except for me writing my reviews on books and audios and everything... but we all knew I wouldn't follow through with that)