04 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year I try to accomplish something. And about halfway thru February, I forgot what I set out to accomplish.

This Year will be different. maybe.

This year I want to:
1. Save more money! I'm getting married in 2013 after all!
2. Run at least 3 times a week in January
4. Run the 5k during Disney's Princess Half Marathon in Feb
5. Run the Expedition Everest Challenge in May
6. Complete the Tower of Terror 10 mile run in late Sept
7. Run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Nov. (and the 5k if i'm strong enough)
8. Find a fab FAB wedding dress
9. Begin the MASSIVE Big Finish Productions Audio listen thru
10. Read ALL the Wheel of Time books
11. Read 50 "new to me" books
12. Write reviews of above books and/or audios
13. Finish the Buffy/Angel watch-thru with Adam
14. Finish the SG1/SGA rewatch and convince myself to watch SGU
15. Be more mindful in what I eat (ie, fruits and veggies over that box of chocolates)

Obviously, I'm all about getting in shape for that wedding dress by run run running a ton. And I'm going to enjoy myself by rewatching some of my favorite shows and reading lots. Feel free to cheer me on! My friend and I will be running Sundays and Tuesdays together and then Thursdays on our own. Gonna be awesome!

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