11 January 2012

some gals have all the luck

The worst of the worst came to pass. Almost.

I was happily plugging along at work listening to the fantastic Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton go on adventures in Alaska (doctor who, dontchaknow) when SUDDENLY....


Now I've had my iPhone 3GS for over two years now. it was a surprise christmas gift for my first christmas away from family. me being such a huge apple nerd, needless to say i was ecstatic. 

For the rest of the day, I lamented the loss of my iPhone. I wouldn't have a means of communication until this got fixed, whether by calling, texting, facebooking, etc. I pouted over the fact that i was currently music-less and couldn't do my run that night since I had no way to track without my Nike+. And most of all, I became actually distraught over losing all my Tiny Tower progress. (I've been playing since July! and I'm 4 stores away from having them all!!!)

I skipped my run and drove home as quickly as legally possible. I was all prepared to call my daddy back home and cry to him about how a new phone was needed and possibly sooner rather than later. Sensible Sally in my head suggested troubleshooting. after a bit of researching (like two seconds to search), I came upon the magic cure! AKA resetting the phone. lo and behold, it worked :) I charged it up, and for good measure I restored it as well (which involved more worrying over Tiny Tower progress loss).

So far, it works fab. I blame too many data-eating apps. I've had Adam streamline my interface for me, and remove any extraneous apps. Today is the real test. Can it survive 8 (ok more like 6) hours of audiobook playing + gym time? we shall see!

(no pictures, because how can i take a picture of a dead iphone when my iphone is my camera ??? riddle me this)

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