14 January 2012

Saturday Shopping

Main Street Duo
Today was one of those perfect days. I had plans that wouldn't take all day, but I knew would. I had to visit the eye doctor this morning in order to get new contacts and then I had a lunch date with some friends from work.

We were adventurous and went out to this place called Little Saigon so I could get some phð aka the most amazing Vietnamese rice noodle soup. What with Tết (Vietnamese New Year) coming up, I've been craving some good Vietnamese food real bad for a while now. And boy did that hit the spot!

Afterwards, Adam and I went to Downtown Disney to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D (ps my fave disney movie of all time) and then did some shopping. Especially since our Vinylmation collecting obsession needed some fueling with Main Street Trolley and Animation Series 2.
Animation Series 2 Chaser + Topper
Somehow Adam has discovered that I have amazing luck when it comes to picking Vinylmations. I once picked up a box for Park Series 5 and it just so happened to contain the chaser Tom Morrow. So when we saw the new Animation Series 2 was out with a Jiminy Cricket topper, it was amazing to pull out the Headless Horseman chaser. We might have taken a double take when we first took it out and wondered where the head was.
The most beautiful coat ever
We also stopped in Curl by Sammy Duvall where I found this absolutely gorgeous houndstooth coat in the CLEARANCE SECTION! I've been obsession over houndstooth coats for ages and now I finally own one. It seems a little silly to be buying a coat when I live in Florida, but we've been having cold snaps and I need something other than my ski coat. I'm normally not one for impulse buys, but it was to pretty to pass up and Adam decided to treat me. Gotta love him :) Plus he did took pictures of me! I usually don't like being in pictures, but that needs to change.

I also may be slowly liking the idea of Vera Bradley bags. As much as I love my Coach purse, I need something that sits better on my shoulder and not fall off. Anyone have any favorite {style/color/other purse}?


  1. I -love- Vera Bradley, and I have the same problem with my coach bag. I worked at Shapiro (a luggage store) over the summer two years ago and I got hooked. I really love the bags that can be cross-body or shoulder, but they've got a lot of regular shoulder bags as well. They also have the best duffel bag ever. Your best best is to go to the outlet (I'm pretty sure the outlet in Orlando that's close to Disney has a Vera Bradley outlet) and check it out for yourself. If you don't like any of the patterns, just look at the bags themselves to see how you feel about size and such.

    ^ this is my favorite shoulder bag, and

    ^ this is my favorite crossbody (though I am also fond of the hipster).

    I know too much about Vera Bradley.

    1. I finally ended up going to the outlet and getting some bags. They had a Betsey and a Saddle Up on clearance. So far I really like the Saddle Up.

      I was hoping they'd have the Laura bag at the outlet, because really? Laura with a Laura bag? too perfect. but it wasn't to be just yet...