25 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon! 
It's my year too! I was born under the Dragon sign, and weirdly enough every "fortune telling" that utilizes the Zodiac is right on the money.

The following descriptions are courtesy of US Bridal Guide:
Earth Dragons make great managers because they are practical, levelheaded and demonstrate a knack for organizing. They still have the need to dictate and be admired, but they are affable, congenial and supportive. Compared to other Dragons, Earth Dragons are less likely to breathe fire at the least irritation. They will work diligently to complete their life goals. The Earth element adds a greater portion of self-control to the Dragon's personality and usually the Earth Dragon is deserving of the respect he or she desires. These Dragons take their life and romantic responsibilities quite seriously.
Taurus brings the Dragon back down from the clouds and adds a purposeful strength to his character. Taurean Dragons will work consistently to achieve material comforts and high standards of living essential to their well-being.  
If you know me, you know how crazy accurate that is. Same with everything else they have listed; it's really awesome!

Tết (aka Vietnamese New Year) was Monday January 23. I spent the weekend prepping for the New Year by cleaning as much as possible. It's this funny superstition that whatever you do in the first three days of the new year, that's what you'll be doing all year long. You're also not supposed to sweep or take the trash out as that will send all your good luck away. I even made Adam be the first person to come into the house/apartment so he could bring the good luck in with him.

May you all have the best luck possible this year!

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