27 August 2013

Book Tuesday 8/27

I have a new release sitting on my Kindle waiting for me to devour the story and further my relationship with the characters.

but i have a problem. I'm not done with the two books i'm currently reading.

I know people who cycle through multiple books at a time, and others who must absorb every word of a series before they can read the next book. I fall into both camps. i need one long book and one fluff book at all times, and when a new installment is released in a series, I have to reread from the beginning so i can be reimersed into the world.

Back in June i made a decision that would ultimately affect my reading for the rest of the year. I decided to finish, and reread in the process, the entire Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I adore the first three novels. the characters intrigue me and there's enough suspense that I keep wanting to read more. But now? I'm barely through the first book.

The problem is that I can't decide if this is my fluff book or my long book. The length of the book, and of the series (14!!! not counting prequels and prologues) should stick the book firmly in the long category. But my second selection places Eye of the World in the fluff category. Because my second book that i'm currently reading is The Warlord of Mars (aka the third Barsoom book in the John Carter chronicles).

As observers of my goodreads account will know, I've been making steady progress on Eye of the World, and not so much on Warlord of Mars. So I have no idea how in the world I'll squeeze in The Bitter Kingdom.

But that's the joy of reading - there's always another world to be explored, just behind another cover of another book.

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