13 June 2013

TV Thursday

About a month ago, Adam and I cut cable. No DVR, no premium channels, just lightning speed internet. We already had Netflix as well as Amazon Prime, and I was subscribing to Hulu Plus for the capabilities to watch on my phone and TV. After crunching some numbers, it became clear to us that it was so much more affordable (and soooo much easier) to cut the cord already.

So what have I been watching? I've been keeping up with Warehouse 13 thanks to iTunes Season Pass, but the current binge watching is...

I stopped watching PLL back during the Halloween flashback episode of Season 2. I just had so many shows that I was watching that it just fell off my radar. Well with Summer Season officially kicking off (aka basically nothing is on), it's the perfect time to play some catchup! And with Season 4 starting just a few days ago, it's definitely time for some blitzing to be on top of everything. This show is seriously addicting... and ridiculous. High school was not like this at all for me. Although to be fair, I wasn't what you'd call part of the popular crowd.

I'm going to try to make this something of a weekly posting - updates of what I'm watching, thoughts etc. I follow so many shows that this is the easiest way to keep a good pulse check on everything.

If you have a suggestion of what to watch next, I'm all ears!

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