01 September 2013

Happy September!

It's a new month! Time to start a-fresh and try new things.

Last month, I tried something new - doing all my grocery shopping and meal prep for the month over two different days. It was, dare I say it, AMAZING.
My freezer last month
Lasagna, chicken broccoli alfredo, chicken enchiladas, roast beef and on top of it all, I made ice cream this month too! Adam and I are really enjoying having meals all set and ready for us. It really decreases the eating out we used to do. With it all prepped, there's no excuse for me to dilly-dally about and swing by a McDonald's last minute for something to eat. On top of dinners and ice cream (which is almost gone - soooo good!), I also made breakfast sandwiches and overnight oats. The only thing left to worry about is lunches.

It feels so good to have everything set up like this, I'm going to try something new this month.

This month is getting back into running. I ran the Tower of Terror 10-Miler last year, and I haven't picked up my running shoes since. I miss the freedom running gave me, even if my personal time became oh-so-very limited. So no matter how many temptations Hulu provides me, I'm going for a run. Maybe someday you'll get to eat my dust!

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