22 July 2012


I have 69 training days left for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-miler race. 68 - because let's face it, the chances of me running today after lunch date and Batman with friends is minimal.

I have 96 days left until the planning session with our wedding planner.

I have 276 days left until our wedding.

Things I want/need to do in the meantime:
-Run enough to not have to slow down to a walk every other minute
-Find good decorations for ceremony location and reception location
-Flesh out what I want my wedding to look like
-Catch up to the current Big Finish Production audio dramas of Doctor Who and friends
-Finish re-reading the Five Hundred Kingdoms series
-Finish A Song of Fire and Ice series
-Re-read His Dark Materials
-Read A Princess of Mars and see if it is better than or equal to John Carter. (I'm hoping it can't be worse)
-Hash out other details of the wedding that I currently think are minor (fleshing out the website, favors, programs, dress fittings, etc etc)
-Finish EPIC TV rewatches (Doctor Who, Stargate) and begin others (Star Trek? BSG?)

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