19 November 2012


Do I care that this picture is 2 years old? Read my face....
There's a lot to be thankful this year:
the support of my family and friends as I've transitioned to different jobs
that my health is in a much better place
my Disney wedding planners who took my ideas and are making it a reality
that Adam and I have a place that we can call home
that the budget allows some room for frivolous spending!
working 15 minutes away from home vs 45 minutes by way of the interstate
softball! Go DRC All Stars!

Other silly things I'm thankful for:
Lady Earl Grey
Arnold Palmer Half and Half Zero
coffee, coffee, coffee
automatic timers on the coffeemaker at work
my crockpot
Hulu + Netflix
Shiny Sinks (thanks FlyLady :D )
fitbit + myfitnesspal
that while I haven't been dedicated to NaBloPoMo, at least I know it's there?

Oh. And this:

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